Monday, February 18, 2013

Going Backwards

My weight loss is more like weight gain these days.  I know I shouldn't be complaining, but what's life without a pregnant woman to complain about everything?!

I'm 23 weeks pregnant now and I gained 7 pounds according to the doctor's office.  According to my records I gained 10 pounds, but no one seems to care about my records.  Anywho... at first I was excited.  Only 10 pounds and I'm halfway through?!  That's awesome!  Then I made the mistake of looking through my previous pregnancy book.  I was at the same weight gain at the same point in time and somehow I still managed to gain a total of 40 pounds by the time delivery came.  Sigh.  Am I just destined to gain a ton of weight during pregnancy?!

I know I should be happy, but I have to admit that I'm really not.  Not happy about the weight gain; very happy about the baby.  I hope that was self explanatory.  It's just that I just lost 28 pounds!  Will I be able to do it again, or will I just feel so defeated about starting from the beginning that I won't even bother?  With my two previous pregnancies, it took me about 2 years until I actually started getting serious about losing weight.  Will it take me that long again this time, or will I have the willpower to diet and exercise right away?

There's definitely one thing different about this pregnancy -- it's a BOY!  Let's hope that brings a lot of differences; like not being 5 days overdue, not waiting 2 years to lose weight, and successful breastfeeding.  I hope the easy labor and delivery part stays the same.

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  1. 10 lb weight gain so far is awesome! You've been doing great! Congratulations on your new little baby boy <3 So happy for you :) I'm updating my weight loss journey over on my blog. Once you have your baby, we can begin the journey again :)